Holidays and retreats to some of the most awe inspiring, spiritual places on the planet.
Are you going to book a run-of-the-mill holiday again this year?

Before you do, try imagining an excitingly different way to travel – one that is highly revitalising, energising, healing and yes, even spiritual...

• A journey on which you will be accompanied by guides and fellow travellers like you.

• An alternative holiday where an itinerary is not only tailored to suit your own individual requirements, but has space and flexibility woven in to allow for magic.

And rather than yet another beautiful but unremarkable beach resort destination, what about choosing from the many timeless, sacred energy centres of the world? Like the Sacred Ashrams in India, or Machu Picchu in Peru, for example?

And then there's the holiday activities to ponder. What would you really like to do? On a regular holiday, having a go at para-gliding might be very stimulating, but learning a healing art like Reiki, or partaking in a meditation course led by a well-known and experienced spiritual teacher, or learning from a genuine native shaman might well give you a valuable tool for life – truly the spiritual holiday experience of a lifetime.

If you would like to come on this fantastic 'once in a lifetime' spiritual journey, email Sandra on to request a full itinerary.
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