Holidays and retreats to some of the most awe inspiring, spiritual places on the planet.
May 2019
Join Sandra in the USA to explore the stunning Arizona landscape and the Hopi prohecies. This holiday includes the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Medicine Wheel, shamanic journeys and an optional vision quest. Meet with Hopi elders. Optional extension to cover the Grand Circle of national parks and Indian reservations.

May 2019

Travel with us to the awe-inspiring red rock landscape of Sedona, Arizona, sacred to the native American Indians, with its major energy vortices, leylines and extraterrestial activity. Connect to the Ancient Ones, Mother Earth and your Spirit guides. Enter the Medicine Wheel, meditate at morning sunrises and witness glorious sunsets. Particiate in a full moon ceremony when possible and Vision Quests (optional extra), and mystical shamanic journeys.

We will meet with Hopi Elders on their mesas, enjoy singing /sounding with the natives around a campfire and travelling through Navajo country to experience the expansive oneness of the Sacred Grand Canyon.

Optional extension:
May 2019

The Grand Circle is an amazing 8 day tour of hidden secrets with awesome scenery -a deeper connection the Indian lands.
This Tour commences in Phoenix and returns from San Francisco.



Sunday. Depart UK to Phoenix Arizona. Drive up to Sedona and overnight.

Day 2: Monday. Take in Sacred Sedona Tour with myself. Afternoon shamanic journey facilitated.

Day 3: Tuesday. am Further vortex experience. pm enter the Medicine Wheel Ceremony (there are 7 centres in Sedona alone) possible overnight Sedona.

Day 4: Wednesday. am - free time to explore Sedona.

Day 5: Thursday. Drive to Flagstaff for experiences en route.

Day 6: Friday. A visit to Sacred Grand Canyon with an overnight stay en route to Hipli Lands.

Day 7: Saturday. HOPI DAY. Join Sandra and the Hopi Elders. A Rich day. Dine with the Hopis , hear their stories and prayers for humanity. Overnight Flagstaff

Day 8: Sunday. Group either returns to Phoenix for our evening flight home back to UK. Arrive UK May 11th or continue with our second tour 'The Great Adventure of the Grand Circle and Indian Tribal Lands’.


Bryce Canyon
Canyon De Chey
Monument Valley
The Grand Canyon
Zion Park
Yesomite National Park
Sedona's Red Rocks
If you would like to come on this fantastic 'once in a lifetime' spiritual journey, email Sandra on to request a full itinerary.
Dear Sandra,
I’m thinking of you at this time and want to say what a wonderful experience it was for me to join you and the group to Sedona – it has made a huge difference for me, thank you. Also, how lovely to meet and share with the other Sandra (the Shaman).
You gave us just the right amount of information that I needed for the journey.
Love, Caroline

Dear Sandra,
Excellent – enough time in both meditation and activity. Excellent opportunity to reconnect with certain energies. A joyous experience with plenty of ‘added extras’. I’ve awakened to a greater part of myself – everything truly is within.
Emma C.

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