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Holidays and retreats to some of the most awe inspiring, spiritual places on the planet.
Includes the Taj Mahal, The Agra
Fort, the Ghost City of Fatehpur
Sikri, Dharamasala and the
Amritsar Golden Temple
Ongoing tour dates
available accompanied.

Unforgettable India has always been a land of mysticism and intrigue. Bordering many countries, sensuous India offers you with sensations that fill you up completely, leaving deep and everlasting impressions upon your soul. Connecting to your distant past in this spiritual land is to be prepared for a personal sojourn to find the very depth of your being.
Ongoing tour dates available accompanied.

Join me in a lively beautiful Spiritual journey which includesTemples, Mountains, monasteries, wildlife.

Journey 1. Our love affair with India includes of course the Magnificent Taj Mahal at sunrise, The Agra Fort, the Ghost City of Fatehpur Sikri which boasts some of India's finest architecture.

An elephant ride up to the beautiful Amber fort which sits overlooking Jaipur. Spend an extra day visiting one of India's illustrious Tiger National parks. Fly/ drive from Jaipur to Delhi.


Journey 2: Includes Amritsar - home to the amazing Golden Temple - the spiritual expicentre for the Sikh religion.

Daharamsala - most famous for being the home of the Dalai Lama and for the presence of the British Raj and therefore also steeped in history.

Shimla - A beautiful hillside thriving town for its scenery, shopping and fresh mountain air.

The Toy Train Famous for the travel on its narrow track railway and view the spectacular mountainous landscape, passing villages and tea plantations along the way.

So lets explore, reflect and meditate.
PROPOSED ITINERARY (Please call for details).

Amritsar Golden Temple
The Taj Mahal
Ghost City of Fatehpur Sikri
Amber fort overlooking Jaipur
Agra Fort
Dharamasala - Home of the Dalai Lama
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Dear Sandra,
Excellent – enough time in both meditation and activity. Excellent opportunity to reconnect with certain energies. A joyous experience with plenty of ‘added extras’. I’ve awakened to a greater part of myself – everything truly is within.
Emma C

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