Holidays and retreats to some of the most awe inspiring, spiritual places on the planet.

Two enlightening tours that let you experience the magic and mystery of the ancient South West - a spiritual journey exploring the sacredness of this land
TOUR 1. Sacred England - a Celtic Odyssey:
Glastonbury, Avebury & Stonehenge (Private entrance)

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This journey is centred around Marlborough, an historical market town of much interest. There is a certain air of mystery that clings to the ancient Kingdom of Wessex, an enchanted land from Neolithic times. Whether because of psychic impressions left by 1000’s of years of habitation, currents of ‘earth energy’ coursing through the landscape, or purely natural causes, one thing is certain: Wessex in general, and particularly the Wessex Triangle, is home to the unusual and unexplained.

Glastonbury is a powerful energy site of great significance, both in legend and reality. The Arthurian story weaves itself around Tor and the surrounding area, which in ancient times was a great marsh with tidal waters. This is the Heart Chakra of our Earth, and has many sacred associations. Christ is thought to have visited here with Joseph of Arimithea. Stand in front of the Michael Tower on Glastonbury Tor and feel the energy course through you.

The Tower was built in Christian times on the site of an ancient place of worship, on the famous St. Mary/St. Michael Ley Lines, which run from near Land's End to Bury St. Edmunds on the east coast.

Other sacred sites that have attracted the spiritual energies of many people throughout the centuries are the Chalice Well Garden, where peaceful meditation is one of the attractions, and Glastonbury Abbey where King Arthur is thought to be buried.

Avebury is a haunting place to see at all times and in all weathers, but most impressive of all on a still moonlit night, when it seems peopled with ghosts", to quote from John Betjeman.

The area encompasses Silbury Hill, 'the tallest mystery in ancient Europe', and several Long Barrow burial sites. Avebury and the surrounding area is a truly fascinating and atmospheric place, with beautiful feminine energy in the Stone Circle Temple also being on the St. Mary/St. Michael Ley Lines.

Stonehenge is thought to have been started around 3000 BC, when the first earthworks were dug, and modifications were made to this large henge over several centuries.

Stone circles such as this most famous example were sanctuaries for religious rituals, as well as being astronomical calendars, marking the solstices of the sun, and therefore the seasons, which were of major significance to all peoples living close to the land. Although always of great significance to those working on the land and sea, many of us from the towns and cities are beginning to become more aware and re-embrace the significance of these circadian rhythms as well as of the Moon's phases, and are integrating them into their lives.

Whilst we are in the Uffington region we shall visit the White Horse, Waylands Longbarrow, Dragon Hill and any nearby crop circles.

Day four of our tour will hopefully include a private visit to Stonehenge subject to enough bookings coming in early enough for us to arrange this!



• Guided tours of Glastonbury Abbey, the Chalice Well and gardens.
• A whole day exploring Avebury and its environs.
• Quiet sacred time inside Stonehenge.
• Time to experience Glastonbury life and shops, etc.
• Plus visits to some of the current Wessex crop circles!

Crop Circles, or agriglyphs
as they are increasingly called, are, with few exceptions, created at night, with conditions only being right for easy viewing between early April and late September.

The 'force' that often accompanies them can have a buzzing electronic sound or a loud roar, though sometimes completely silent. It might come from the sky, the earth, or both, or neither! Much is still to be discovered about this strange phenomena.

They are frequently seen near ancient monuments, and some native Americans say they are ancient symbols sent to re-awaken mankind and raise our vibrations for the great.
Visiting 'crop circle country' is like opening a wonderful present – there are so many different designs. Sometimes it is hard to see exactly what form the glyph has taken unless one has the advantage of seeing an aerial shot beforehand.

People entering crop circles experience a variety of physical and mental sensations. A number of causes have been put forward to account for these effects, including earth magnetism, and energy leylines.

From 1991 onewards the glyphs took the form of more obvious symbols. One of the more famous agriglyphs from that era was a representation of the Mandelbrot set, a complex mathematical object involved with postulations concerning chaos theory, infinite dimensions and the suchlike. Could it be that the creators of this glyph are asking us to consider the fine line between chaos and order?

Crop circles appear to have a telepathic effect too. In the case of the aerial phenomenon the viewer is drawn to look at the UFO. In many eye witness accounts, unidentified flying objects have been seen either before, during or after a crop circle has been formed.

Have your own crop circle experience! There will be time to visit some of the new crop circles in the area - there are usually a few to choose from for those who are really fascinated by this mystery.

The Wiltshire Crop Circles Conference may take place over the weekend and will cost an extra £100 + accommodation approx. This full, 2-day programme includes lectures on the phenomenon, helicopter rides, crop circle visits as well as fascinating talks from acknowledged experts in the field (so to speak!).

Single rooms may be available on payment of a supplement.
Not included: Meals other than breakfast, entrance fees to specified sites (about £25), personal travel insurance, cost of travel to and from Marlborough.
Circle of Light/ reserves the right to change itineraries and prices if local and/or world conditions change.

The Sacred South West:
Exploring the St Mary/Michael Line
This tour of Devon and Cornwall takes place immediately afterwards so can make a lovely extended tour, or a mini-tour in its own right.

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We trace the ancient Pilgrims Route via the St. Michael/St. Mary Lines which run through Avebury to St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, before crossing to France and on through Europe, along the Apollo/Athena leyline to ancient Armageddon in Turkey.

"A spiritual awakening occurs as we journey as Pilgrims in an awakened consciousness through this idyllic landscape of ceremonial power sites. As we travel as one we activate the Divine Feminine wherever we are led..."

Dartmoor is the largest wilderness of Southern England, with its rocky tors, fossilised Bronze Age villages, Stone Age hut circles, and stone rows. We visit Dartmoor and some of its attractive villages such as Widecombe-in-the-Moor, an ancient 'Clapper Bridge', and Brentor's 13th century church. We also visit the Hurlers and Merry Maidens stone circles along with a full day at St. Michael's Mount, all of which are on the St Michael Line.


Day 1: Exploring the Ancient Mary/Michael line and sacred sites of Devon as well as taking tea at delightful Widecombe-in-the-Moor on Dartmoor of "Uncle Tom Cobbley and All" of Widdicombe Fair" fame.

Day 2: We travel across the ancient Bodmin Moor visiting several famous Stone Circles with visits to craggy Moorhouses granite sculptures and Dozamary Pool, the supposed final resting place of King Arthur's sword Excalibur.
As we travel accross Cornwall we visit sacred Wells along the way on our journey to the end of the world penzance.

Day 3: We visit the legendary St Michael's Mount. here it is said that fisherman in the 6th Century saw a vision of the Arch Angel St Michael. After lunch we visit one last Stone Circle and overnight nearby.

Day 4: Today we will visit Tintagel Castle the legendary stronghold of the Cornish King Vortigern where Uther Pendragon according to legend, through Merlin's wizardry gained admission and consorted with Queeen Ygerma resulting in Arthur's conception. We spend a charming evening at a local smuggler's cove returning to the Castle to overnight.

Day 5: On our final day we return to either Marlborough or Totnes for fast train access to London.
PLEASE NOTE: Single rooms may be available on payment of a supplement.
Not included: Meals other than breakfast, entrance fees to specified sites, personal travel insurance, cost of travel to and from Marlborough. reserves the right to change itineraries and prices if local and/or world conditions change.
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Some of the stones at Avebury
Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Abbey
The Tor at Glastonbury
Crop Circle
Tor at Dartmoor
St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall
Tintagel, Cornwall
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