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Join us on a Spiritual Journey to this powerful sacred site, with its overtones of lost Lemuria...

Mt Shasta is a very ancient mountain formation some 14,162ft high, being a dormant volcano, in the volcanic Cascade Mountains chain. Our visit will be to sense the energy and meditate in its presence. It is a site where there have been many UFO sightings and rumours and myths abound of the presence of beings from within the mountain and/or from other dimensions.

Accommodation will be in pleasant local bed & breakfast type facilities. Our travelling throughout will include picnicking en route at lunch times. A precise itinerary is not envisaged, so be prepared for impromptu stops.

We begin our journey staying in Mount Shasta. We visit Pyramid Lake, where it is thought the initial seedings of Light Beings descended from The Pleiades and Sirius took place, and we align ourselves fully with a powerful, magical experience.

We then travel on to Mount Shasta for a celebration of Wesak and Lord Buddha’s birthday (which takes place over Easter), drinking in the energy and connecting once again to our ancestral core roots, learning ancient wisdom and truths, and visiting sacred sites.

Mount Shasta is known as one of the homes of the Ascended Masters, and is one of the Major Seven Energy Centres of the World. Visiting this mountain is like a pilgrimage to a great outdoor cathedral, and it is one of several sites and experiences to be held within these tribal Indian lands.

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Excellent – enough time in both meditation and activity. Excellent opportunity to reconnect with certain energies. A joyous experience with plenty of ‘added extras’.
I’ve awakened to a greater part of myself – everything truly is within.

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