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Learn and understand about the Mayan prophecies in these auspicious times as we meet with Mayan Elders in Yucatan. Highlights include participating in several group initiations and ceremonies in their great Temples of Learning as we move out of the old paradigm into this new amazing era of higher consciousness. Some special teaching times
with the Masters. Exquisite scenery and relaxation times in between.

A powerful journey with Sandra and the Mayan elders.
Here in the Land of the Mayans we receive the ancient wisdom and knowledge of Atlantis, handed down to the Mayans, through to the Tibetans. The Mayan belief systems focus on the cyclical link between nature, mankind and the cosmos. With their great understanding of the natural order of the Universe, Mayans celebrate that balance through special ceremonies and rituals. Mayan Priests honour the sun and moon cycles, and observe and participate in the spring equinox, with sun and moon rising over Mayan Temples. We witness the sun sinking into the jungle as the full moon rises...

Highlights include:

• Learning about the wisdom teachings and sacred geometry of the pyramids with
Mayan Elders
• Absorbing the unique energies of the Uxmal and Palenque Ceremonial Centres

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PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to make changes as necessary to this itinerary and prices at any time as they are subject to local conditions and currency exchange fluctuations.
Pyramid of Kukulcan, Chichen Itza, Mexico
Above and below: Mayan Ruins at Palenque
Sandra at Palenque
Mayan Long Count Calendar
Mayan Ruins at Uxmal, Mexico
If you would like to come on this fantastic 'once in a lifetime' spiritual journey, email Sandra on to request a full itinerary.
Dear Sandra,
Excellent – enough time in both meditation and activity. Excellent opportunity to reconnect with certain energies. A joyous experience with plenty of ‘added extras’. I’ve awakened to a greater part of myself – everything truly is within.
Emma C.

Dear Sandra,
Dear Sandra - I just want to express a more detailed appreciation of this spiritual journey with you - it will always be treasured. Thank you for the hard work I realise was involved behind the scenes and I hope to come with you again.
Anne R.

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