Holidays and retreats to some of the most awe inspiring, spiritual places on the planet.
QUEST 2014

the Mind Body Spirit Festival

Sandra Straw will be attending the
Quest Festival in Newton Abbot, Devon, in July 2014. Come and say hello, and find out more about her Spiritual Holidays or attend one of her Reiki Jin Kei Do workshops.

Sandra Straw
has been operating for over 18 years, and we pride ourselves on our personally accompanied small group journeys – holidays with a difference.

We offer a wide range of options on each tour: from trekking, golfing, holistic treatments and health resorts, to meditation, T'ai Chi and more.

Our aim is always to provide the best opportunity to experience and absorb the cultural, ecological and historical aspects of each country we visit, whilst respectfully observing ancient customs and traditions.

Some of our journeys include optional 'wild country' excursions or safaris for the more adventurous, though there is usually the option to simply rest up in the hotel and surroundings if you prefer. Please enquire about the planned itinerary for each trip to see how we can tailor your holiday to meet your needs.

Sandra Straw
is the principle guide on all the Journeys and Retreats – as well as being the facilitator for the Reiki Jin Kei Do & Buddho Enersense Courses and Wellbeing Retreats offered by Wellbeing, more details of which can be found on her website.

For over a decade she has travelled the world many times over lecturing and leading tours, encountering and experiencing magical, mystical and spiritual people and places that have ultimately enriched her life and brought about deep spiritual awakenings that have inspired her to now facilitate in similar processes for others.

Sandra has been teaching spirituality and personal development for over 15 years and has a lifetime experience as a teacher for inner growth and healing. She lectures extensively and internationally. Her background includes training with Dr Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Chuck Spezzano.

She has become an expert on the culture and history of the ancient sacred lands she visits. When conducting her tours and retreats Sandra is often accompanied by shamans, elders, priests or Egyptologists as appropriate.

Talk to Sandra. It's as simple as that.
It is the quality of communication between yourself and Sandra that is really key to how much enjoyment and benefit you will derive from one of her Spiritual Holidays. True nourishment comes through an intimacy in relating, where you feel it is 'safe' to be yourself. This is why the 'personal touch' is so fundamental to the Wellbeing Retreats approach to providing genuinely spiritual and sacred journeys and retreats.

As much as possible, Sandra's journeys and retreats are tailor-made to meet your requirements and many options are usually available.

Typically they may include:
• Extending the duration of your jour or retreat (to be arranged in advance).
• Trekking or white-water rafting, for example, for those who enjoy a more physical challenge.
• Meditations, yoga, Reiki attunements and Mastership courses, etc. to complement the energy experiences of the journey or retreat, dependent on the needs of the group and the individual.

Taking a personalised spiritual journey with Sandra is likely to create a major shift in your life. Remember, your dream journey could become a reality!

Top: Flights in Tibet
Left: Iguassu (Iguazu) Falls in Brazil. Part of the John of God trip.

If you would like to come on this fantastic 'once in a lifetime' spiritual journey, email Sandra on to request a full itinerary.
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